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Dec 28, 2009

=> Superstition अन्धबिस्वास

                              Superstition is a reason that interrupts mostly the people life. Today every person weather he is literate or illiterate are seen living with superstation. But only illiterates are getting harm. A vital group of peoples are under the fake saint, Ojha & Tantrik. Who are wasting their time and money uselessly?
                               The causes of death in inferior towns and villages are superstition today. A lot of people are poor and illiterate so they can’t treat themselves by medical. In a story “Mantra” by Premchand , it is mentioned that superstition is able to take anybody’s life.
                                Today we read in news papers or watch on T.V. usually that the Men are looted by Tantriks as well as women are raped by false man taking the superstition’s benefit. It is wide false notion in the human being which is affecting the life directly. In my opinion unless superstition is not lifting our life, we have to fight with it.

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